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Welcome! 🙂

Written by Anina Leigh

September 5, 2021

Hello, everyone!

I would like to welcome you all to my Blog and Website!
Thank you for visiting. Its an honor to have you here. I have lots of upcoming plans for this site and would love for you all to share in this journey with me.
Since this is my opening blog post, I thought I would tell you a little about myself and the book.

Writing this book was a gift to my family one Christmas Eve. I thought it would be so fun to have a story and then use the elements of the story as Christmas gifts for the family. Honestly, I pray about everything. I earned the name “Praying Mantis” from my close family member because I was constantly in prayer about something or someone (and I like it a lot.) Anyway, one evening, I found a pen and a notebook. I bowed my head and said a prayer:

“Lord help me to write a story for my family. Create an idea that will make it come to life. I thank you, Lord. Amen.”

Simple? I think so. The words came to me as I began to write about the Alexander family. As the story developed, I could see the tree, the trucks, ornaments, train, and candles. It was a beautiful image! So, within a couple of days, I found myself at a department store. There, in the holiday gifts, sat two trucks – one large and one small, a crystal train, crystal ornaments, and crystal presents. Oh, I was so thrilled! On the next aisle over, there were Nativity candles – I grabbed a few of those. I headed to the counter and placed each item down. I could see the story become real. I’ve never been so overjoyed. Another bonus was it was all 50% off! The beautiful pieces half off.. it was a surprise that I was not expecting.

Scurrying out of there, I held tight to my bags and boxes. It was going to be wonderful to have each family member a wrapped gift to match the story. I dropped by the grocery store to get a few basic items. Right there in the Christmas aisle were rolls of Christmas paper that had realistic trees with snow. It would be perfect with the wide red ribbon – I added that right to the cart! Driving home, I just kept thanking the Lord for answering my Christmas prayer. The story was about two guys with two red trucks who helped folks. Actually, it’s true. (But, that’s another story…)

I finished the story and used a picture from an old calendar to make a temporary cover. Each family member had a special storybook and a gift especially for them. The hours ticked away as I counted down the days before sharing this Special Christmas – and it seemed like it took forever. But, I have to say: the Lord answered my simple prayer to a height I never imagined. I recommend everyone pray, right now. about their Christmas being special and see what happens. Then, share your story with us! Leave a comment below:

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